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ARC Houses

Atlantic Restoration Council, LLC

Pet Friendly Homes

A Lawyer and Therapist couple saw the need for pet friendly housing in Jacksonville and the Beaches. With thousands of people forced to surrender their pets to shelters due to stringent housing rules, Nicole sought to provide houses that are especially pet friendly. As a therapist, she knew the advantages that pets offer to both the physical and mental health of their owners and that a true home is where ones' pet is!

Access to shopping, the beach or dog parks is also important and enhances the lifestyle in any given property.

Nicole Story, CEO

After purchasing homes that appeal to most people, I oversee the restoration and renovations of the property before it becomes available to lease. The property manager is then responsible to lease, maintain the premises, advertise, screen, interview, approve applications, maintain tenant relations, and to remodel or modernize the property, when applicable. Duval County offers unique school options including Nationally recognized Magnet schools, Duval County School Choice, and Charter schools, which we are happy to help you navigate.

Zillow Community Pillar

Nicole has been recognized as a Zillow Community Pillar for providing housing to tenants whom otherwise would not be eligible to lease a home. Examples of satisfied customers include tenants who are first time renters; tenants with pit bulls and other large or active pets; applicants with previous foreclosure, bankruptcy or eviction; and students without employment income or adequate rental history who require co-signing parents.

Why Us?

Atlantic Restoration Council, LLC got its start in recognizing the potential in homes needing restoration and renovation from Historic Avondale to Ponte Vedra Beach. 

Enhancing the decor and renovating properties to meet current kitchen and bathroom expectations; color palettes; and property maintenance with expert contractors became a passion for Nicole who decided that she would prefer not to sell the beautifully renovated homes, but rather add them to an extensive portfolio of family and pet friendly homes designed to be available for long term lease.

We know how something as simple as waiving application fees can open applicants up to better housing situations.

At ARC Houses, we absorb the cost of background checks and the application process to better assist our tenants!

ARC Houses

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