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Local Resources & Services

Atlantic Beach Local Parks

Planning an event or curious which parks are within walking distance of your new home? The City of Atlantic Beach has ten active and passive parks for recreational enjoyment. In addition, it has two miles of white sandy beaches with 14 ocean accesses and a two-mile paddle trail in the Dutton Island, Riverbranch and Tideview Preserves (400 acres of marshlands) on the intracoastal waterway.  

Hanna Park in Atlantic Beach has white sand beaches, a fresh water lake, a water playground with fountains, kayaking, fishing, and campsites. This 450 acre park is 17 miles east of Jacksonville and is also known for excellent surfing.

Hanna is operated by the City of Jacksonville. Admission is $1 per person from 8 am to 10 am and $3 per car after 10 am.

To get to Hanna Park: Go East on 

Wonderwood Drive and it dead ends right into the park entrance.

Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park, 500 Wonderwood Drive, Jacksonville, FL 32233 (904) 249-4700

Beaches Town Center is the heart of Neptune Beach and Atlantic Beach, where Atlantic Boulevard meets the ocean, twelve miles east from downtown Jacksonville.

The inviting, pedestrian friendly area offers many boutiques, fitness centers, restaurants and two oceanfront hotels in close proximity - a destination appealing for both tourists and locals!

Local Utility Services

JEA - Jacksonville Electric/Water/Sewage

(904) 665-6000/(800) 683-5542 JEA covers everything west of the intracoastal waterway in Jacksonville.

Beaches Energy - (904) 247-6171 serving Jacksonville Beach, 32250

The City of Atlantic Beach - As a resident of Atlantic Beach, the City of Atlantic Beach will provide your water, sewer, stormwater drainage, and garbage services (904) 247-5800. JEA is the electric utility service provider Atlantic Beach. For questions regarding this service, please call (904) 665-6000.

USPS - for lock box multi mailboxes, contact your local Post Office for key/assignment.

Trash Collection, Recycling and Bulk Pickup Schedule, enter your address in the search box.

Mayport Landing HOA Forms, Rules and Regulations - 2022 HOA Forms

Download HOA Rules, Regulations & Forms here. Submit to Parks Realty, 1112 3rd St, Ste 5, Neptune Beach, FL (904) 249-2322 or to Atlantic Restoration Council.

Villas of Cross Creek HOA Rules and Regulations -

Artwalk is a monthly event held on the 3rd Thursday from 5-9pm where Atlantic Blvd. meets the ocean. It is a free event featuring many local visual artists and live performers. Artwalk is held at the Atlantic Beach & Neptune Beach Town Centers and has over 55 participating artists and 29+ local venues making Artwalk a diverse art destination & shopping experience for the entire family.

Duval County Schools

Enter property address at below link

Registrations/Transfers 390-2144

Voluntary Pre-K/Early Learning 208-204

Immunizations/Health Dept. 253-1420

Magnet/School Choice 390-2082

At ARC Houses you are leasing a house not an apartment. 


As a small, independent company there are many advantages to leasing from us. For example: all of our properties are single family homes with fenced yards; we are super pet friendly; we may approve applicants with a prior foreclosure; no rental history; no current employment (due to covid19/dependents, etc.); large dog breeds; multiple pets, previous records including DUI; poor credit; co-signers; veterans; active military; college students; multiple roommates; and we may approve applicants with a prior bankruptcy, etc.

However, it does not work both ways. Leasing a house comes with a little more sense of tenant ownership and responsibility including all of the yard work and basic house maintenance (under $100). Unlike large apartment companies who do openly discriminate against applicants with any of the above criteria; we have no maintenance supervisor or full time maintenance crew on our staff.

Therefore, all maintenance calls incur full contracted and retail service fees to us and therefore to the tenant. For example: the first $100 of any call; basic maintenance bills (like clogging one of your pipes); and anything directly broken by the tenant may be the full responsibility of the tenant. Tenants should review the lease for more details and contact the Landlord with any questions or concerns as we all strive to maintain the properties in excellent condition. If we have someone available in your area, we will assist the service call, call Landlord for details.

 To submit a maintenance request, submit this form:

Leasing a house requires regular maintenance on behalf of the tenant. If you are new to the area and need help with a clogged pipe, a/c maintenance or an appliance or electrical issue and cannot reach your landlord- we recommend the following vendors to assist you:

Electrician - (904) 945-3565 Kylan Knight or Bob Turner (904) 716-8092, (904) 568-5702 or Jessica Davis (904) 248-9407

General Repairs - (904) 626-8275 Trevor Wilkerson

Washing Machine Repair - (904) 654-3756 Al Carter

Lawn Maintenance - KC Lawn Care Solutions (904) 885-2420

A/C Service - Steve (904) 316-0136 or Paul Dorsey (904) 9547

Tenant's are generally responsible for the first $100 of general repairs and for maintenance of the property and the contents that are being leased to their original condition. Please contact the Landlord with any issues, questions or concerns about what is covered, under warranty, etc. as some things are covered completely by the Landlord.

*Due to Covid19 we are seeing significant delays, back orders and impact to deliveries, installs, products, services, repairs and vendors, far beyond the control of this company.

Dishwasher Maintenance

Is your dishwasher less effective than it should be due to Florida hard water build up? In addition to monthly cleaning of your dishwasher filter, our appliance technician recommends this inexpensive monthly remedy to keep your sprayers working well:

Other options include white vinegar or lemon shine booster and soaking your sprayers overnight in vinegar solution to counteract Florida hard water issues and lime build up from regular use.

Click on picture for link

Dishwasher troubleshooting: Tenants are strongly discouraged from opening the electric panel as dishwashers are hardwired, however, there are some troubleshooting steps to follow. Does your model have a child lock? Does it have a reset button? Is the door completely locked? What mode is it set to? Is the reset button on the closest GFI depressed? Is the fuse tripped in the garage fuse box? Does the start button need depressed for 3 seconds to start or does that put it in lock mode? How do you take it out of Lock mode?

Each make and model is different, save yourself a service call and google the make and model of your dishwasher to see which buttons need pressed together to reset your unit. For example:

All manuals can be found online at the manufacturer of the dishwasher site. For more info visit this link:.

Air Conditioner Maintenance

Here are a few tips to help cut down your AC energy bills:

1. Keep the filter clean - The easiest way is to increase energy efficiency is to keep your HVAC system's filter clean. A dirty air filter is a lot like when you have a stuffy nose, you can function, but you're not at your best. It's the same with your air conditioner, so blow your AC's nose and change that filter monthly.

2. Keep the outside unit clear - Your home's outside AC unit has a coil inside it that is essential to energy efficiency. This part of your AC system works in a way similar to the radiator in your car; air needs to move over the coil to dissipate the heat from the inside unit. If that coil has grass clippings, lint from the nearby dryer vent or maybe bushes that are overgrowing it, you are making the unit work harder and use more energy. Clear the area around your outdoor unit and use a hose and wash out the coils. Don't worry about getting it wet, it sits outside in the weather anyway, and the electrical components are covered up, so go ahead and clean away

3. Professional maintenance - Your air conditioning system also has a coil inside your home where the actual cooling process takes place, but cleaning this essential element is a bit more complicated to clean and should be left to a professional. It's a very important part of the cooling system and when clean, it can help save a lot of money on your energy bill. Your pet's hair and regular dust may form on that coil and is part of regular A/C maintenance.

Window Screens -

When humidity levels are excessive, air conditioners need to work a lot harder. If the equipment doesn’t have sufficient cooling capacity, it may be unable to cope with extreme humidity. As a result, the home may never feel truly comfortable.

A few common signs of high indoor humidity include:

  • Moist, clammy air. In fact, your skin may feel clammy when you’re inside your home.

  • Foggy windows. This happens because humidity is vaporized water in the air. When it becomes bottled up in your home, it may fog up the windows.

  • A musty odor. Excessive humidity causes dampness around the home and can eventually lead to this unpleasant problem, including mold.

We do not recommend opening your windows when humidity levels are high (March through November and on wet days). We a do not encourage window screens or open windows as the Florida humidity will cause, mildew, dangerous mold, indoor pollen, ragweed and excessive wear and tear on the a/c handler including a/c failure in effort to keep up. Bugs can also get through and around screens creating unnecessary pest problems as they lay eggs inside the home. Therefore, we do not provide window screens on our properties. Air conditioners condition your air. They filter out pollen, ragweed and humidity, but they will not compete with open windows in humid Florida.

Dutton Island Preserve

1600 Dutton Island Way

Atlantic Beach's largest park is located west of A1A/Mayport Road along the Intracoastal Waterway. Dutton Island is a passive park that consists of 9,000 linear feet of nature trails, a fishing and viewing pier, a canoe/kayak launch, picnic areas and pavilions, camping areas, and parking. A marked canoe trail provides a sheltered paddle to Tideviews Park. Wheelchairs available(904) 247-5834. Call (904) 247-5828 for camping reservations.

Current park hours: 7:30 am - 8:30 pm (subject to change based on sunrise/sunset.

Jax Beaches Outdoor Concerts

Numerous music festivals at the beach

Numerous 5ks and 10ks on the beach

“Music in the Courtyard” at 200 First St., Neptune Beach plays 7 - 10 pm every Friday night. Free & open to the public!

First Coast Florida No More Homeless Pets

Need to neuter your cat or dog for no or low cost? Also providing adorable and very low cost adoptions. See a cat with a clipped ear around your home? These cats are part of the local trap, fix and release program. That is the mark of an independently living, neutered animal and should not be trapped or reported to animal control.

Harassed by debt collectors or issues with credit and need a lawyer?

A Consumer Justice Law Firm
located in Jacksonville Beach, FL

Maintenance Request/Report Form -


Please send photos of issue with property address in the subject line to


Email Address*


Type of Issue with details:*

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