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Duval County Public Schools

Duval County is home to some of the best and highest ranking schools in the nation and offers extensive magnet, charter and locally assigned public school options.

In fact, all schools are considered to be "choice" schools and if there is space available, you can request that your child attend any applicable DCPS school.

Double check your zoned school here:

For a list of magnet schools and charter schools please see the details, application and deadlines at

Atlantic Beach Elementary School

Property zoned - 1615 Richardson Lane, Atlantic Beach.

Seaside Community Charter School, a public Waldorf k-8 school at Hanna Park in Atlantic Beach. 

Apply through the school or at DCPS.

Anchor Academy, Atlantic Beach, at Hanna Park, k-5

Properties zoned -

1188, 1228, 1280 & 1276 Mayport Landing Dr,

1182 Bayshore Dr, 1168 Mayport Landing Circle, &

2858 Wonderwood Lane, AB

Neptune Beach Elementary School, k-8, Neptune Beach.

Properties zoned: 1104 Rose Street, 569 Camelia Street and Queen's Harbour Yacht and Country Club.

Mayport Coastal Sciences Middle School 6-8, Atlantic Beach

Magnet School apply DCPS also zoned for:

Mayport Landing Dr, Circle, Wonderwood Lane, Bayshore Drive, Camelia St, Rose St and Richardson Lane - Atlantic Beach.

Fletcher High School 9-12,

Neptune Beach

Zoned - all properties in the beaches zip codes, including all 32233 Atlantic Beach properties.

Cambridge/IB program.

These homes are also eligible for the tuition free Duval County Magnet Schools program (see deadlines to apply) including Fort Caroline Middle School of the Visual and Performing Arts, Mayport Coastal Sciences Middle School, Mayport Coastal Sciences Elementary School, Darnell Cookman School of the Medical Arts, Lavilla School of the Arts (MS), Douglas Anderson School of the Arts (HS), J Allen Axon Montessori School (Elementary), Samuel Wolfson School for Advanced Studies, Stanton College Prep., Paxon Advanced Studies, etc.; and various close by charter schools including Seaside Community Charter School (a tuition free Waldorf school k-8), Duval Charter School and River City Science Academy, etc.

Active in the community and education, Landlord and CEO, Nicole Story, MED, EDS, has served on several local School Advisory Committees, as the President of two local PTSAs, was active with the Duval County Committee of PTSAs and has served on the board of a Full Service School program, and as the President of the the Beaches Resource Center Foundation.

She is available to assist tenants with direction in navigating the numerous wonderful academic opportunities and school choice/magnet schools that Duval County has to offer.

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