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Request for a Service Call (Step 2)


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Details of the request:*

Property Address*

Service Request Type


Payment made now via: (must be received to complete request)

The Tenant is able to schedule their own service calls at their own expense for any damages incurred by Tenant to appliances, etc. during their tenancy as the lease does require that Tenant maintain the property in move-in condition.

Please follow up with an email, sometimes forms can go to spam.

Please refer to your lease for further details on your contract. All properties with this company are subject to a service call fee. On leases 2021-22 that minimum fee is $100. On leases 2022-2023 that minimum fee is $150.

Service calls will be scheduled as soon as the first $100/$150 per incident is received via Zelle, Venmo, Paypal, Check or Cash. Please complete this form to accompany your payment. Due to Covid some services are delayed please refer to your lease for more information.

If you do not hear back after making your payment within 24-48 hours please call 904-220-5642. Sometimes these requests do go to spam.

We are a not a large company and do not have any in house repairmen, or access to discounted rates for service calls/appliances/products. Any damages caused by the Tenant are the Tenant's full financial responsibility, as per the lease agreement.

A separate fee is required per incident/service.  Tenant understands that if they fail to be home (or fail to open the door) to let the serviceman have access, they will be responsible for the full service call fee and the new (second)  fee to reschedule the service call with the contractor.

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