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With 7 homes in Mayport Landing subdivision, we would like to introduce our tenants to the Mayport Landing Home Owners' Association.

The monthly HOA fees are paid by Atlantic Restoration Council on our tenants' behalf. These fees pay towards certain benefits provided by the HOA including: 

Monitoring and maintaining that the covenants and rules are adhered to in the community. The HOA may change or update their regulations at any time and without notice, please contact them directly for the most recent updates and regulations.

Routine landscaping maintenance for the (general areas and the) lot shall be the responsibility of the Association (see 2.6 (OR BK 18654 page 47) 8 of 28 Unit and Lot Restrictions). (If you leave your back gate open/if applicable and ask them to do you back garden we are told that they will.)

Annual Pest Control spraying of each unit, via Amor Pest Control - (904) 396-2847

Off duty JSO security in the subdivision. 

In July 2019 the revived covenants were published and are available for review via Spectrum Realty, the management company for Mayport Landing HOA. As this packet is very dense and too long to upload on this site, we are offering our tenants basic highlights on things that might be relevant. This paraphrased list of some items that may be of interest to a tenant in no way replaces the full document that is available upon request from Spectrum Realty.

2.5 (OR BK 18654 page 47) 8 of 28 Parking Restrictions: No vehicle, boat or trailer may be parked, stored, kept , repaired, or restored anywhere within the Property except functional passenger automobiles, vans, motorcycles, and trucks of less than a one ton capacity (collectively, "Permitted Vehicles"). No owner or occupant of any Lot, nor any guest or invitee of the Owner or occupant of any Lot, may regularly park a permitted Vehicle anywhere within the Property except within the driveway or the pull-off parking space constructed on Lots as a part of the Work. The foregoing shall not be deemed to prohibit guests or invitees of an Owner or occupant , provide that normal traffic flow is not impeded.

2.6 (OR BK 18654 page 47) 8 of 28 Unit and Lot Restrictions: No changes to structure of Unit, no window units. Routine landscaping maintenance for the lot shall be the responsibility of the Association.

2.8 (iv) Outdoor drying of laundry is permitted in the Rear Yard if the drying areas are completely screened from view from adjacent Lots and any street. Clothes lines or drying racks must be of Umbrella type, no more than six (6) feet in height from ground level unless otherwise approved in writing by the Association.

2.9 Animals and Rubbish. No animals, livestock, or poultry shall be raised, bred, or kept anywhere within the Property, except that not more than two (2) dogs, two (2) cats, or two caged birds (or any combination thereof not exceeding two (2) animals) may be kept on Lots subject to the Association's rules and regulations, provided such pets are not kept, bred or maintained for any commercial purpose and provided further that such pets are neither dangerous nor a nuisance to the residents of the Property. Except for regular collection and disposal, no rubbish, trash, garbage, or other waste material or accumulations shall be kept, stored, or permitted anywhere within the Property, except inside the improvement on each Lot, or in sanitary containers concealed from view, and in accordance with the Association's rules and regulations, if any.

An Animal Registration form indicating a current Rabies tag number is to be completed and returned to Joyce at Spectrum Realty, Neptune Beach office in addition to the Pet Addendum with the ARC lease. See Pet Form link in top left column. 

2.10 Sewage, Disposal and Water Service. The Jacksonville Electric Authority (JEA), or its successors or assigns, has the sole and exclusive right to provide all water and sewage facilities and service to the Property. No well of any kind and no potable water shall be used within said structures except potable water which is obtained from JEA.

2.11 General Restrictions. Except with the Association's prior written consent or in accordance with the Association's rules and regulations:

(a) Signs. No sign or any kind shall be displayed to public view within the Property except customary name and address signs approved by the Association.

(b) Window Covering. Window covering visible from the front of any Lot shall be white backed or of white fabric to provide an uniform appearance within the Units. No windows may be covered with aluminum foil nor may windows be used for any display purposes.

(c) Improvements. No overhead wires, picnic areas, detached outbuilding sheds, shacks or trailers or other temporary structures shall be permitted to be placed or maintained on any Lot.

For more information on rules and regulations and how they may apply to you as a tenant, including those not highlighted above please contact Nicole Story, ARC Houses and click on the link in the top left column of this page.

For Properties available to lease in Mayport Landing, see our Atlantic Beach for lease page.

These properties have a variety of upgrades and custom features, some with granite counters, custom vanities, stainless steel appliances and updated appliances, fixtures and hardware, etc. ; all all with ceiling fans, modern paint, privacy fenced back yards and gated front entry. 

Ask about our annual pass to Hanna Park with ocean access, beautiful beaches, lakes, dog friendly hiking, canoeing, camping, splash ground and playground, one mile away.

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